Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall fashion is coming!!

While I am waiting to fix my camera so I can post pics of sweet outfits, I thought I would quick comment about the coming fall trends.

So, is anyone else waiting for the temps to drop to breakout your fall wardrobe? I know it sounds crazy in Minnesota - with our short summers we try to hang on to the warm weather as long as possible. But I for one am ready for fall fashion. I love to dress in comfy sweaters, scarves, jackets, turtlenecks... I can't wait!

As with every fall season, luxe fabrics are key, especially in Minnesota. We need our thick, cozy fabrics to keep us warm. I appreciate that plaid is back in fashion, because it never really left us here in the Upper Midwest. But now that it's chic, I can raid my dad's closet! Grab an oversized plaid button-down, throw it on over ankle-length leggings and cinch it with a thin or thick belt. Add some cute, metalic flats and it's the perfect back-to-school outfit! OOO! Better yet: add the amazingly chunky ankle boots with studs and metal accents, and you're ready for going out in Northeast!

This year, I'm super pumped about the feminine pieces thrown in with the chunky knits and rugged leather jackets. Satin and lace camis or a ruffled blouse peeking out under warmer pieces towns down the masculine feel of recent work attire. It's a flirty contrast in the colder months. Plus, it says: "I'm staying warm, but I'd rather stay warm with you." *wink*

Another great trend this year is the bright jewel colors that will really make everyone pop against a snowy background. We need some cheeriness in those long, dreary months of Minnesota winters.

Le sigh. I can't wait for autumn temperatures and cozy clothes. It's OK, you can all hate me for wishing this heat would go away. Since when is it 80 degrees in September, anyway?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wanted: inspiration

I am looking for fodder for another entry. Does anyone have any fashionable happenings coming up this week or next?

Now, this isn't to say my friends aren't wearing anything fashionable right now. Of course they are! I just don't want to overload you all with pictures of my amazingly stylish friends. It may be more than you can handle! (Plus, I forgot my camera the last time we were out acting fashionable....)

Help! Send me suggestions!