Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet one more fashionable friend (briefly)

Now I take a minute to introduce to you another one of my fashionable friends (beware, there are many).

Meet Erin: An independent, carefree, slightly hippie-ish fashionable friend who is not afraid of any fashion rules, and I love her the more for it (even if I do give her a hard time once in a while).

The dress on Erin was from New York & Co. (I believe) in the late spring. The hat came from her parents' time in Africa (Erin, correct me if I'm wrong). Adorable puppy not included.

Below you will find the four fashionistas together - Nicole, Jenny, me and Erin - out to support a local band, and friends of ours, Dearling Physique on Aug. 1 at the Turf Club. (Thanks Nicole for letting me pirate your photo)

Case in point

Looking back to my introduction of Nicole, I thought I should include this pic to validate my point: spunky and feisty with cheeky dresses. She found this dress (actually a shirt) at Target in the tween section (to prove my point about her tiny frame).

Coming soon: consistent font.

Sweet dude in French garb

Covertly hiding behind Nicole, you will find the sweet dude in French garb. Again, no details on the specs of his outfit, but I thought he looked awesome so I needed a pic.

This was taken on Bastille Day, July 12, just outside of Barbette, located on the corner of Irving and Lake in Uptown.

Soon to come: better photo editing.

A few fashionable friends

I shall start with two of the most fashionable ladies I know. Since they will be constant inspiration for this blog, and probably frequent subjects, I thought they should be introduced.

Meet Nicole (in the hat): A spunky, feisty, fashionable friend who is not afraid to show off her adorably small frame with cheeky dresses and unexpected outfits.

Meet Jenny (no hat): A cool, collected, very-well-put-together fashionable friend who is always willing to test the limits and demonstrate how a curvy woman should dress (obviously accentuating the curves that make her womanly).

Normally I will include what and where details about each outfit, but as I am sitting in a coffee shop alone, I will have to get back to you with the details of these outfits.